Director: Małgorzata Kozera
Written by: Łukasz Bluszcz, Małgorzata Kozera
Producted by Vision House 2014
Coproduction: Al Jazeera Documentary, TVP Kultura
Duration: 57 min 


Poland, 1989. The democratic revolution is in progress. There is a general feeling of hope and euphoria. But there is one social group that feels betrayed – prisoners. They hoped for a general amnesty and wanted their share in the political transformation.

The unrest in prisons begins in the summer. The Inmates' Protest Committee is established in Nowogard and a recidivist thief, called „The Nut” becomes it's leader. Similar committees are set up in another prisons. Tension and anarchy are growing, until finally on December 7 the explosion comes. Convicts of Czarne Prison, disappointed with the new amnesty law, introduced by the Parliament start to attack the main gate. Soon the prisoners from Goleniow and Nowogard do the same. Brutal fights between hundreds of convicts, prison functionaries and militia break out in all three prisons. There are casualties. The mutiny goes on for several days. Czarne prison is almost completely destroyed. The trials that follow go on for years, many questions are never answered.

The memory of the rebellion is still alive among the functionaries from Czarne, Nowogard and Goleniow. It influences their everyday work, brings back fear. The memory is strong also in criminal circles, but it's not present in the official discourse of contemporary history in Poland. In anniversary albums about the 1989 breakthrough we won't find pictures or descriptions of the prison mutiny. But why?

The film reminds this forgotten event. It tells about the roots of the rebellion, it's drastic course and consequences. In tells about the context of social and political reality of the 80's. It describes a very particular moment in history – when one political system just collapsed and the other wasn't fully born yet. 



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