"Chopin reloaded"


Director: Krzysztof Dzieciolowski
Written by: Łukasz Bluszcz
Produced by: Vision House 2010
Coproduction: BBC World, TVP 2
Duration: 50 min

200 years after Chopin's birth Marita Albán Juárez, half Polish, half Peruvian, explores the composers' legacy in his native Poland and abroad. In a personal quest she discovers that the music of Chopin is still an inspiration to many musicians, not only the classical ones. People's views of the composer's music and life are the heart of this film.

Chopin Reloaded is a presenter led documentary. The narrator of our film is a young Chopin-expert and latin-jazz vocalist. Marita isn't a neutral expert, she takes part in the ongoing events. We can see her real emotions: while adapting Chopin’s music to jazz, together with Lesław Możdżer or watching the lessons of Kevin Kenner or Yukio Yokoyama.

The film presents a cross-cultural perspective on the great composer. Chopin is well known worldwide, so Marita meets people who come from completely different backgrounds to reveal the universal appeal of his music. We can see Polish, Japanese, American and French artists speaking about Chopin and playing his music.

Leszek Mozdzer shows Marita, that playing Chopin can be just pure fun, he thinks that the Polish composer is not only melancholy and nostalgia. On the other hand singer Anna Maria Jopek explains that Chopin is such an icon in Poland, that approaching his music can be almost paralyzing.

In Paris Marita meets Kevin Kenner, the American winner of the International Chopin Competition. She watches the lesson he gives at the prestigious Paris Conservatoire to the Japanese student Akihito Okuda. Later she meets a popular French DJ, who used Chopin's music to produce a piece of electronic music.

In Tokyo Marita again meets Akihito, who explains her, why Chopin became so popular in Japan. She find out, how Japanese kids are trained in playing piano. She also visits Namco Bandai company, which produced Eternal Sonata, a Playstation game about Chopin in anime style.

Marita's youth, combined with her thorough musical knowledge allows her to ask daring and unconventional questions. Questions, which neither a journalist nor a music professor would think of. Marita ask herself the simplest of all such questions: why do we still listen to Chopin’s music? She tries to understand her musical fascination and her last challenge is to sing to one of Chopin's pieces herself.




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